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Coaching Life Changes
Today may be the first day of your new life, no need to wait for ..
..."one day".
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Life Coach & Mediator
Logo Life Coach Helena Theunissen

Are you ready to change something in your life?

You may have these thoughts:

  • I have to change something

  • I want a new beginning, a restart !

  • What shall I do for work

  • Should I move somewhere else ?

  • What is the meaning of my life?

  • I don´t want to feel a hostage by COVID 

  • What is it that I really want

  • I have to do something with myself

  • Start living in a new country ?

  • I want to enjoy my life

  • I want to better align in my relationships

  • How to start all over

  • I suffer some serious doubts

  • I want to enjoy life

  • How to orientate in myself

  • I´m lost in my projects

  • How to make a life-changing decision

  • What should I do first ?

30 min free telephone consultation, 

no obligations.

Are you my ideal client ?

Online consultations at the level of personal meetings. Intense, safe, soon.

Session in person as well.

1000+ hours of experience.


Together we create your own inspirational book full of individual experiences and tools on how to handle coming life changes.

life coaching ve 4 jazycích

I speak 4 languages .

My native language is Czech, but coaching also in English, Spanish and Dutch. I work with foreigners in the Czech republic, and abroad.

“An essential, life - changing experience!
Why did I just wait for my friends
to give me coaching as a birthday present ?! "
My mission is to help others orientate themselves in problematic life changing situations that might seem confusing or hopeless.

I am a specialist in looking at things and events from a different perspective . I use my ability to enthusiastically listen to the person sitting in front of me while sharing hers/his story. I can clarify the situation that the client is dealing with very quickly, without prejudices and judgements. I see possibilities that previously remained hidden.
I show my clients how to transform the acquired experience into courageous turning points, I show how to help themselves in the future in the new, life challening circumstances.I develop enthusiasm and zest for life.
The goal is inner peace, contentment and awareness of the
meaningfulness of life.
My story

How does coaching with Helena work?

  • How does such coaching actually work?
  • Are you an ideal client?
  • What situations and changes do I usually deal with?
  • How does coaching help where you wouldn't expect it?
  • What are the fantastic benefits of my coaching?
  • And did you know that online sessions can be just as intense and effective as the face-to-face meetings?
The way I work

Inspirational stories

"My clients' stories are an endless source of knowledge, inspiration and motivation. For me, and for others who are undergoing the process of change."
Zkušenost s osobním rozvojem, klient Tomáš


I looked for Helena at the moment when I was at the beginning of my new business project and got to the point where I didn't know which of the things burning was a priority. She helped me organize my thoughts as well as my ideas, gave me energy for further business negotiations, and her insight and rational approach helped me see the facts from a different perspective.


Tomas, businessman

Work life balance - klientka Tereza


I experienced a difficult period in both my private and professional life. I thought I had to do everything at at least 200% efficiency, I hoped that "something" would happen and everything would solve (itself). Surprisingly, nothing happened. Helča helped me learn to look at things from completely different directions and to return my life to my own hands and to enjoy it. Thanks for all!


Teresa, logistics

Jak získat sebevědomí - klientka Lucie


Helena guided me through fundamental decisions concerning school, work, but also relationships. With her straightforwardness and apt questions, she helped me realize that I could stop being afraid of the opinions of others, live my life, and say things for myself without a constant desire to be appreciated. Now I value myself more and I finally found the way to love and apprecitate myself.


Lucie, sales

Nový životní styl - klient Edgar


Thanks to Helena, I became more aware of my value and gained the courage to change jobs, which made me happier even in my personal life. I was able to discover aspects of my personality that I had not perceived before.


Edgar, horeca

All you need to know to decide about coaching with Helena.

Most jako symbol Jak na změnu, coaching s Helena Theunissen

My coaching programs

Change is a long-term process which requires energy, motivation, self-knowledge and, most importantly, courage. Here you will find the ways I work to make life change according to Your ideas. Choose the program that suits you best!

Logo Coaching Life Changes Helena Theunissen, moře osobního rozvoje

The Sea of Development

My logo is my guide, my helper. I can explain almost every difficult life situation, position, worries or doubts, as well as client´s motivation and journey by describing this blue circle..



Životní koučka a mentor Helena Theunissen, sympatický kouč

All about Helena

I openly share my own personal story, the path of education

and my work experience, including groundbreaking changes that affected

my life´s direction.



New on my BLOG..


Are you ready for a change? Write me!

Thank you.

My method G | A | A

JUDr. Helena Theunissen

IČ: 04502752

+420 604 301 541

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