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How does a coaching session work?

I am a coach and mentor who accompanies clients through difficult, life changing situations. My clients can expect a great interest in a common goal, I supply my clients with enthusiasm and energy to take their next steps.


I have great experience with online sessions, and because I enjoy them, I can dispel any fears or doubts you might have about it.


I am aware that coaching oftens forms only a part of the process of change and that more comprehensive care is needed,  so I offer my clients a network of contacts for cooperating professionals from related disciplines.


My goal is to enable you, my client, to get the necessary tools and selfconfidence to get through the process of change and to be able to face any life changing situation in the future.


osobní koučka Helena Theunissen zapisuje poznámky při koučinovém sezení

1: I take it personally. I care about you, my client, and your satisfaction with your personal development.

2: My work is based on a personal meeting or online coaching. The sessions usually last 1.5 h and are preceded by a 30-minute introduction meeting, which is free of charge, of course.

3: Choose a self-development PROGRAM according to your needs, HERE.

4: At work, I focus on finding the essential and necessary for your personal and professional development. I take notes and I use them later :).

5: I actively listen to you, I carefully, yet intuitively choose the right questions to get to know your and your path.

6: The interview and an assignment selection lead to the achievement of a certain goal, the elaboration of the topic, the beginning of a life change. You actively take part in the assignment. BONUS: the mutual cooperation enables to create an inspiring book as a lifelong personal guide to change.

7: We focus on your feelings of life contentment and long-term joy hand in hand with the completion of every particular goal.

Are you ready for a change? Write me!

JUDr. Helena Theunissen

IČ: 04502752

+420 604 301 541

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