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(Almost) All about Helena

The interview with the life coach, mediator and mentor.

How would you describe yourself?

I will use only adjectives: enthusiastic, demanding, hard, wild, adventurous, energetic, fast, determined, thoughtful, strong, happy, aquarius.


What are your values?

Self - education, self - knowledge, freedom, loneliness, goodness, closeness, knowledge, courage, integrity, authenticity. It looks like I´m reeling it off, but it's something I've been thinking about for a long time. I wanted to have a firm answer to this question myself because it is a question I often give to my clients. And it is not an easy one to answer.  Along with the question "what do I really want" .

How do you understand life?

I ask questions, analyze, listen, doubt and make sure.

Are you an expert on something?

Well, I don't know if an expert in that, but I can be 100% present, here and now, and with my client, I can see the last detail that has escaped, I can ask the right, unexpected, fitting questions that don't just occur to everyone. I can make the client project her/his energy, enthusiasm, taste and strength into her/his project.

What tools do you use at your work?

Probably my personal inner setting. I adore complicated stories - the client's life story really interests me, so here I use my ability to really LISTEN. At work, I often experience the famous state of FLOW - I enjoy work, I know how to do it, it is demanding enough, and there is (client´s) goal/path which is achievable. At work I lose track of time many times. Moreover, I do not judge or criticize anyone. I take cooperation with the client personally! I care about him/her.

How come that you do what you do?

My personal story and the individual events in it made me the person who I am today and helped me to do the work I do today.

I have faced a number of different aha-moments, essential turning points. I made a list of my own challenges, moments of awareness and events that made me understand the essence of life that I try to share with my clients.

  • zero identification with the field of study;

  • the knowledge that the role of teacher / mentor is essential for the ability to actually learn something; 

  • recognizing the typology of employees - different people want different things;

  • the manager may not be the smartest;

  • circumstances/comparisons can serve as a catalyst for inner motivation - I see something, and I want it too !;

  • coping with the fact that my parents had contempt for my first job;

  • I said yes to the job offer, to which I wanted to say no - how unwanted opportunities enriched me for the rest of my life;

  • not to be afraid to use what I can, even if I make mistakes;

  • choosing a university under the influence of ego and the wishes of others;

  • understanding that the reality of university studies is far from the imagination;

  • realizing that I am not the surrender type;

  • the desire to be appreciated;

  • receiving events as they come without considering their impact;

  • feeling lost;

  • motherhood as the school of life;

  • knowing the power of my decision to take an action;

  • self-confidence through self-knowledge;

  • courage through the steps taken;

  • awareness of the finiteness of life - some moments we live only once;

  • knowledge of the value of freedom (liberty);

  • the struggle for personal space and space for self-realization;

  • decisions through determination;

  • the path to the goal through the order of priorities .. And so much more.

What did you learn about yourself?

That I can overcome, I usually don´t procrastinate. I know I can choose to react. I'm attentive.

I'm grateful. I'm happy with myself. I know the way out of discomfort - I can take care of myself.

I can say "no" (mostly). I try to use only kind words, to myself, to others. I try to live my life, not the life of others. I'm a pretty good "pretty good" mom.

I have a kind of permanent inner restlessness that use as my engine. If I see a solution, I go for it, I have a certain degree of courage, I notice, I am aware, I realize, I am attentive, vigilant.

And what about your education and skills?

I believe there are at two ways how to look at it. There is the actual education and work experience, and there are some natural prerequisites.

As for education, I am a certified mediator - a specialist in listening and non-violent communication, which allows a quick orientation in the client's needs and emotions. Thanks to the legal education, I am a lawyer able to orientate in the legal issues my client can be facing and help him/her with that.

I practice my profession due to my natural ability to be the coach and mentor, I deepen my knowledge at the internationally certified school Escuela Impacta, the member of the Association of Coaching, which specializes in the IMPACT that each of us has in this world. 

I speak 4 languages ​​- Czech (my native), English, Dutch, Spanish - and I believe that knowing more languages and cultures has allowed me to be even more receptive to the needs of my clients.

I have work experience in business, HR, legal consulting, marketing, crisis management, I am a co-founder of two successful companies operating on the Czech and Slovak markets.


And then to those natural prerequisites: I can orientate myself in complicated situations and look at them from a distance. I can create a structure in a confusing situation. I can find a solution, I enjoy seeing possibilities that seemed invisible before. I'm a specialist in online sessions - I know how to break the ice and possible worries about a virtual meeting, it's fine with me online!

I can dispel a client's concerns about sharing, I can explain what it is good for him/her to open up.


And what do you enjoy when you lose track of time?

So in addition to my work, I have a whole list of activities that make me happy, they are my rituals, moments when I charge my flashlights, such as jogging, or time spent by the sea, making photos or reading books, or just enjoying myself.

Life Koučka a mentor Praha - Helena Theunissen, sympatický kouč

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