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Inspirational stories

... when clients share their experiences

Alice, digital marketing


I tell myself every day that I could have started my coaching sessions with Helena a long time ago! I did not have to wait for my friends to give me the coaching for my birthday! I was suddenly not alone in my situation (professional changes), we clarified it together, we split the important from the unimportant and focused on what I really cared about, I was able to give my career a new direction.

Eva G., lawyer


Helena and I discussed mainly, but not only, the possibilities of my professional direction. Great questions and the incredible art of listening brought the necessary inner insight, thanks to which I knew what to do and especially how. I discovered how to use my experience in my favor! Thank you for everything!



Petr Wagner, businessman


I was overwhelmed with my own projects and needed to make my next steps clear to me, I wanted to make sure that my actions were logical. Therefore I sought the opinion of an impartial person, and it worked. I am really grateful for your time, Helena, for the help and real commitment to solving my problems. At the moment, all that remains is to ""get the work done". Thank you very much again, you have a real talent

for listening to people !!!

JM, Yoga & Mind Therapist


Personally, I feel that our next meeting is no longer necessary. I would like to thank you very much for your time and your valuable advice. It enriched me a lot and it met my expectations. I'm glad I have done this. Good luck to you.



Gabriela R., HR


I was at the point of returning to a corporation after becoming a mum of two. I was considering a different career though. A career where I could use what I really know, be myself, and be helpful. I just knew that I wanted something different and Helena helped me orientate in myself, and in my ideas and possibilities, we sketched my new working life together. Now I help others find their job and I feel happy and satisfied when they get the job they wanted.



Tereza Štěpánková, supervisor - forwarding


I experienced a difficult period in both my private and professional life (relationship issues, career move). I thought that I had to manage everything at at least 200%, I hoped that "something" would happen and everything would solve itself. Surprisingly, it did not happen. Helča helped me learn how to look at things from completely different perspective and how to bring my life back into my own hands and enjoy it. Thanks for all!



Kateřina Muráni, senior e-commerce manager


I was dealing with a career change. Helena and I went through my successes, needs and wishes, what suits me at work and what doesn't. What I enjoy in life and what I would definitely not want to do. I was surprised at how difficult ordinary HR questions can be when someone really insists on answering them and how much I can learn about myself through them. Today I have a dream job, a great team and I look forward to working every day!

Bára Petrová, stylist


I worked as a freelance event manager and became more and more attracted to fashion, but I didn't know how to really start my new career. Helena and I clarified what I am most interested in, where I have my clients, we created my new website and business cards and let the new opportunities come. I have a dream job and I do what I enjoy!



Edgar Arancibia, musician / student / hotel worker


Thanks to Helena, I became more aware of my value and gained the courage to change jobs, which made me happier in my personal life. I was able to discover aspects of my personality that I had not perceived before. Thanks, Helen.



Lucia Morrison, attorney and translator


Personally, I consider myself a very positive and grateful person, but to overcome a fundamental life challenge (new job, lifestyle), I needed Helena. She helped me to see that I can turn even a negative experience into an opportunity, that even small successes should not be overlooked, and that even in a difficult life situation one can always find a point of reference.


Tomáš Vácha, businessman


I looked for Helena the moment I was at the beginning of my new business project and got to the point where I didn't know which of the things burning was a priority. She helped me organize my thoughts as well as my ideas, gave energy for further business negotiations, and her insight and rational approach helped me see

the facts from a different perspective.



Karolina Zelenková, attorney


I have been cooperating with Helena for a long time - in certain demanding life phases. She enabled me to recognize the possibilities I have when making decisions and to compare values ​​and ideas. I have a very demanding job that I love, and Helena helped me realize that I have something to discover outside of this job and that I have a number of dreams in me that I did not have time to fulfill until recently.



Jitka Šnajdrová, specialist in the organization of offices and households


Extremely inspiring conversations! With humor and ease, we went through my previous experience, I confirmed myself in what is closest to me, what works best for me, and how I could use it. Now I'm proud of what I can do, and most importantly I know my direction!



Eva Krblichová, assistant in public administration


I really needed a change. I didn't enjoy working in a stereotypical job, my social life was not worth much and I was done living with a friend. Helena helped me to figure out what I wanted to do and what first steps I could take. She advised when I hesitated. Today I have a great job with nice people, my own apartment and I also found love.



Lucie Lansdorfová, cosmetics store manager


Helena guided me through fundamental decisions concerning school, work, but also relationships. With her straightforwardness and apt questions, she helped me realize that I could stop being afraid of the opinions of others, live my life, and say things without a constant desire to be liked. I found my own value and learnt how to love myself. Thank you, Helie!



Kateřina Azavedo, lawyer


Helen's listening and, above all, simple questions, which, however, were not easy to answer at all, helped me open my mind to new opportunities, a new career path. Helena has a natural talent for in a relatively short time to orientate herself in a person, she can help him /her realize what he/she really wants and then to lead him/her non-violently to the fulfillment of his/her goal. I experienced that.



Petra, Customer service


Your incredible energy, vigor, and ability to say exactly what one just needs to hear. is great! Session with you always energize me for a few days on. You are really amazing!



Honza, Sales Director


Now I know exactly what should be done. And thanks to you I am ready. You shortened my way to where I would go by detour. I am grateful to you.

JUDr. Helena Theunissen

IČ: 04502752

+420 604 301 541

Thank you.

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