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How to manage a change?

I offer programs with regard to your individual needs, I organize workshops or "escapes" for groups, I mediate situations in partneships. My GuideAdviseAct method is primarily based on GROW coaching techniques, principles of non-violent communication, alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation and anti-procrastination programs. More about how I work here .

My task is to make it easier for you to think in a way that allows and implements changes, and thus become

your own coach, so long after you have completed your coaching program with me,

you will use the acquired experience and knowledge.

Moře osobního rozvoje - nová práce, životní styl, šťastný a spokojený život, smysl života

                Program MAR

1 + 6 steps to change

  • experience the desired life change in       1 + 6 sessions!

  • follow effective change guidelines:

M - motivation

A - action

R - reality

  • get equipped with lifelong tools for coping with challenging life situations

  • readjust your life attitudes, topics, goals, fullfill your dreams, find courage,..



romantický pár


Healthy relationship

  • try to resolve disagreements differently, and TOGETHER

  • get to know yourself and each other

  • learn to speak or be silent together

  • develop your relationship

  • put to an end your vicious circles

  • cultivate closeness

  • overcome the past

  • enjoy a healthy relationship

  • More about mediation  HERE


Cesta ke smyslu života - osobní kouč

     Program ORIENTATION


  • experience intensive 2h session

  • find orientation and direction in case of sudden difficult situations or unexpected problems

  • set priorities, structure your next steps

  • feel the relief, energy to solve your situation, clear up your mind



Mallorca Door_edited.jpg


Learn by sharing

  • travel away for a week to find

  • if you feel like you need a break

  • share and learn from life-changing topics of others

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • find your own motivations, values

  • orientate in your process of change

  • joy of life, relief from doubt, awareness of self-worth

  • Where? The Island of Mallorca, for more info click HERE.



Vlna podpory - osobní kouč 24/7

              Program FLOW

24/7 support

  • experience month long coaching support

  • suitable for time-limited demanding periods of life

  • enjoy 4x 1h coaching sessions

  • create a Personal Strategy

  • talk to your coach online 24/7 *

  • find stability, orientation, direction, relief, calm



Coaching workshop - spokojený život, zdravý životní styl, práce, co mě baví


A manual for a better life

  • energetic and interactive workshop

  • 10+ instructions on how to deal with life changes


  • outlines the benefits of coaching

  • guide to self-knowledge, self-reflection,    a tool to improve the quality of life


* uvedené ceny jsou k jednání

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Are you ready for a change? Write me!

Thank you.

JUDr. Helena Theunissen

IČ: 04502752

+420 604 301 541

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